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Looking for a Doctor in the Dallas area? We are showcasing Premier Doctors in the Dallas Metroplex area including McKinney, Plano, Dallas, Addison, Frisco, Allen, Southlake, Grapevine, and surrounding areas. Looking for a Plastic Surgeon? An OBGYN? A Bariatric Surgeon? A Dentist? We are featuring the top Doctors in these categories, Doctors you can trust and hear from, from the comfort of home! Orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, plastic surgeons, dentists, OBGYNS, Dermatologists, Internists, and so many more! Take a look today, and connect with a Premier Doctor!


Itchy, scratchy, red eyes? It might be "Dry Eyes."

Dr. Bob Consor, Optometrist at the Eye Doctors Office and Eye Gallery in University Park, can give you an examination to see if you might be suffering from Dry Eyes. Treatment is important, learn why at DrConsor.com You're going to love visiting with Dr. Bob Consor, premier Optometrist in Dallas, TX.


Did you know you can get braces behind your teeth?

It's true! Dr. Cliff Alexander, Premier Orthodontist in Dallas, Texas... offers Harmony Braces. These braces go on the back of your teeth, so no one will know you're wearing braces. Learn about them today and hear from Dr. Cliff Alexander at DrCliffAlexander.com


Do you have Acid Reflux? Dr. Christopher Bell in Dallas, can help!

Are you tired of having heart burn? What if you could eat a regular diet and live a life free of acid-reflux? You don’t have to be miserable for the rest of your life, there are solutions! A Nissen Fundoplication surgery is an anti-reflux surgery, a procedure for anyone suffering from pathologic gastro-esophageal reflux disease, also known as GERD, acid reflux, or heartburn. The procedure creates a one-way valve that allows food to pass from the esophagus into the stomach, but does not allow stomach contents back into the esophagus. A pre-surgery evaluation typically consists of an endoscopy to evaluate for ulcers or changes to the lining of the esophagus and a pH study to measure the amount of acid in the esophagus, typically both performed by a gastroenterologist. Other testing may include manometry to test the function of the esophagus and an upper GI contrast study, also known as a swallow study. Surgery is typically done via a minimally invasive approach. Surgery takes about 2 hours. Most patients spend 1-2 nights in the hospital. People typically stay on liquids and soft foods for 2 weeks and then slowly advance their diet from there. Most patients can return to work within 2 weeks. Dr. Christopher Bell is skilled in laparoscopic surgery with specialty training in surgery of the esophagus and stomach. He has performed this operation numerous times with great results! This procedure may also be performed for or in conjunction with a hiatal hernia repair. Patients will ultimately go on to eat a regular diet and live a life free of reflux. Visit DrChristopherBell.com today to watch a video, and ask questions!


Dr. Kathryn Wood - Frisco Tattoo Removal

Do you have a tattoo you regret getting? Have you considered tattoo removal? Perhaps you’ve already given tattoo removal a try, without the results you were hoping for? Tattoos come in many different sizes, formations, and a variety of colors. For tattoo removal treatments to be effective, multiple wavelengths delivered at high power and the ability to target and treat at depth, are critical. The good news? There is now a breakthrough procedure that gives patients amazing results! ENLIGHTEN, is the world’s first and only dual wavelength and dual pulse duration laser system, featuring class-leading treatment parameters. With Enlighten, patients can experience significantly fewer treatments, better clearance on a wide range of ink colors, and it’s approved for all skin types! With Enlighten, you don’t have to live with a tattoo you regret! Watch Dr. Kathryn Wood's video on Enlighten today at KathrynWoodMD.com