How effective is tattoo removal by lasers?

I've had two tattoos for over 3 years that I would to have removed, but I'm concerned it will leave an even worse blemish. Do lasers really remove the tattoo and restore the look of normal skin?

mkrnchr April 16, 2018

Questions Answered by Leading Local Doctors

Dr. Kathryn Wood, MD
972.769.9663, Frisco, OB-GYN
There are some great Lasers today that can do a wonderful job removing a tattoo. But, you have to be patient if the tattoo has colors, is very dark or has been in place for a long time. Depending on your skin type you may still have some slight discoloration and it may take a number of treatments. (demo only)
Ellen Turner, MD
214.373.7546, Dallas, Dermatology
The key is the number of laser treatments you will need. After the first treatment you will see how your skin type responds and will get a much better idea as to how many treatments you will need. Results will vary by patient but with the latest lasers results are generally very good. (demo only)